Our Services


Dixon & Company is a financial advisory firm providing marketplace client services to privately held companies and investors.


- Personal Expatriate, Corporate, Partnerships, Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

- Small Business Consulting and Bookkeeping

- Accounting

- IRS Representation:  Audits, Installment Agreements, Offer in Compromise & Delinquent  Returns

- Estate Planning and Consulting:  Gifting & Trusts

- Retirement Planning

- Investment Consultation*

- Financial Planning and Consulting*

- College 529 Plans*

- Insurance

- Annuities

- Tax Favored Investments*

Dixon & Company has a team of conservative finance and business professionals who actively utilize numerous resources and relationships to develop and implement strategies to impart additional corporate value for shareholders and/or managing owners of closely held operating companies.  Historically, our clients are professional, service businesses which serve retail and non-retail customers. 

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